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MZ Tip: What is A/R about turbocharger?

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 A/R describes a geometric characteristic of all compressor and turbine housings. It is defined as the inlet cross-sectional area divided by the radius from the turbo centerline to the centroid of that area.

Compressor A/R - Compressor performance is largely insensitive to changes in A/R, but generally larger A/R housings are used to optimize the performance for low boost applications, and smaller housings are used for high boost applications. Usually there are not A/R options available for compressor housings.

Turbine A/R - Turbine performance is greatly affected by changing the A/R of the housing. Turbine A/R is used to adjust the flow capacity of the turbine. Using a smaller A/R will increase the exhaust gas velocity into the turbine wheel, causing the wheel to spin faster at lower engine RPMs, giving a quicker boost rise. This will also tend to increase exhaust back pressure and reduce the max power at high RPM. Conversely, using a larger A/R will lower exhaust gas velocity and delay boost-rise, but the lower back pressure will give better high-RPM power.

When deciding between A/R options, be realistic with the intended vehicle use and use the A/R to bias the performance toward the desired power band.






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