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The History of Miracle MINI

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1956 Suez war, oil crisis enveloped the United Kingdom, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) hired a famous automobile designer Issigonis when the British popular large cars, but he was clearly a need for a more economical car, require the company to complete the design in accordance with his ideas, otherwise quit. And his request was quickly approved. in 1959 autumn, Mini has finally arrived. People see only 3.9 meters long inside the body to accommodate the four proper seats, transverse engine machinery are concentrated where people do not need to use, below the back seat floor and between the two front wheels. Its secret is the clever and appropriate distribution the center of wheelbase and track. From 1962, continued to participating in various motor racing , Mini has repeatedly won the championship , such as the Dutch Rally Championship in 1962. Three times in the Monte Carlo race car won the first prize. In 1979, won the British Saloun Championship titles in numerous ring road matches. The racing car has considered incredibly good handling and road adhesion.


In 1988, the leading contemporary car designers Issigonis died. But his Mini has created a miracle. This car wheel was 25.4 cm , the technology behind the iron engine power off than other cars much less, while how it made Porsche, Volvo, Ford and other car behind it? Mini's secret is from the technical advantages: a clever and appropriate distribution center wheelbase and track. Because of its shape , " dull " , many people have tried to make this car replaced by a kind of " modern design" to improve its original design, but they failed. This is because Issigonis designed the car thoughtfully from the outset.
However, it gets people of all ages' love, becoming a private car regardless of class. Who first fell in love with Mini cars is middle class in London and some European trends because of it's pretty dull appearance and excellent performance. Many celebrities treat it as a toy in the town open to open. At the same time, the price is inexpensive. Affordable car has become private cars of ordinary people.
Mini 's name even become the a vocabulary in life and the synonymous with micro and pocket-sized . Chinese transliteration of "mini" is used in many products , miniskirts , mini stereo , etc., but many people do not know "mini" is derived from the name of a car . It is also the world's only car name which is a noun used to live. Rover company had once owned Mini, in 2000 Rover Mini's right to operate is given to BMW. After some adjustment, current Mini Cooper only keeps the two models of 1.3 liters and Cooper, and equipped with a driver's airbag. In 40 years of career, it has accumulated production of over 540 million, breaking the UK's best single brand car sales records . MINI old was born in the UK, representing the mark in the social history of the 1960s. Delicate , rich fun , inspire vitality and freedom , is the sign of 1960s Britain. 1994 BMW took over it from its original manufacturer--Rover, Dedicated to the improvement of mini car. The birth of the new MINI represents high-tech, high standards of production technology and outstanding product characteristics, as well as a strong brand. Although there are three versions of the new MINI, the engine specifications are the same, 1.6 -liter and four-cylinder. With MINI COOPER enter the Chinese market, it gives us a chance to feel this 40-year-history legendary classic car in the world renowned motor racing.


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